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Tater Patch: Tony, Shel, Judy, Richard, and Marge
Tony, Shel, Judy, Richard, and Marge (left to right)

Our CD: Old Time Country Music

 Tater Patch Old Time Country Music CD cover   In 2012, we released our CD Old Time Country Music, featuring some of our favorite old-time tunes and songs. The tunes are from fiddlers like Clyde Davenport, Art Stamper, and John Salyer and the traditional songs come from the likes of Uncle Dave Macon, the Carter Family, and Dock Boggs. One reviewer described the CD as "tight and solid.... With well-chosen tunes and a strong ensemble sound, this is one very enjoyable record."

(Review posted at www.countysales.com)

 All band members have copies to sell, or, if you are far away from West Chester, PA, or Wilmington, DE, print this form and return it to us to order your copy!

CDs and downloads are also available from CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.com, and CDs are available from County Sales and Elderly Instruments.

We know you will enjoy it!

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About the band

Tater Patch has been playing together in one form or another since the 1980's. Fiddle player Judy Hough-Goldstein and banjo player Shel Sandler met when Judy, an Entomology Professor at The University of Delaware, attended a concert sponsored by the Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music, which Shel had co-founded with Carl Goldstein and Mike Hudak. Shel introduced Judy to Carl and she became both Carl's wife and Shel and Carl's bandmate.

By the spring of 1998, Carl had stopped performing on guitar, so when asked to play for the third grade at Sanford School, Judy played a medley of "Soldier's Joy" and "Bay of Fundy" with Newport, DE, guitarist Richard Gordon. Shortly after that, Richard, Shel and Judy began performing as Tater Patch, a name chosen because Tater Patch is a great old fiddle tune and because of Judy's professional interest in potato bugs.

In 2001, Marge and Tony Sume, two excellent singers and musicians from nearby West Chester, PA, joined Tater Patch, and Richard moved to bass. Tater Patch's twin fiddles, banjo, and solid rhythm section make the band in demand for both square and contra dances. By adding Tony and Marge's repertoire of traditional country songs, Tater Patch presents music that appeals to a wide audience at festivals, concerts, and parties.

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